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Megan Painted FaceFor months now Megan has been seeing several of our neighbors having parties, and the kids have fun jumping inside the inflatable jumpers. It didn’t take long for her to start asking for a jumper of her own. That’s when Renee and I started talking about having a party centered on the kids. Of course, we talked and talked about it with little being done. It got to the point that we just had to set a date and started spreading the word; we were going to have a party on July 21, 2007. The event took more planMusical Chairsning then I had imagined, in fact, the guest list turned out to be more that 85 of our friends. We had several of the friends help out by bringing a dish to be shared during the meal, which had a Mexican theme. To our surprise everything worked out great, we alit really turned out to be a great event. Renee called around to find a jumper that would be big enough for all the kids, by the way there turned out to more than 25 kids. ThePin the Tail jumper was 16 feet in diameter, WOW it was huge!!! We also rented a big snow-cone machine and shaved about 40 pounds of ice. It really went over big. Of course we had to have games to play. Some of them were Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, Musical chairs, Red light Green light and Hot Potato. There were even prizes given to the winners of the games. One the highlight of the day was the face painting. All the young ones lined up for their turn. Rebecca really made some funny faces. For some Boys in to Punchof us, the musical chairs were the best part of the day. To see the kids and the adults playing or should we say, rushing for a chair was hilarious… It was a treat to see even the adults get involved with the fun. Ones from the WestOf course a party just isn't a party without the little ones getting into somthing. Well our something was the punch. Nickolas and Jason decided they wanted some punch, we of course it didn't stop there, they punched and punched until the table and the ground was covered, including themselves